Two Faces on Goa: Discover Goa at its best rich in cultural heritage

Step off to the beaten path and explore two different sides of Goa - the stunning villages of Rachol and Shiroda which are located in South of Goa. These are the very lesser-known places that provide you with a unique perspective on Goa's multicultural heritage and mouth-watering cuisine.

Explore Two Different Sides of Goa - the stunning villages of Rachol & Shiroda

Rachol village located in South Goa, is nestled along the banks of River Zuari, and is home town to an ancient fortress that whispers tales of mystery and intrigue. The crumbling walls of this castle leave you with vivid memories of battles fought here centuries ago. You can visualize the soldiers who once stood guard here for unfailingly loyal to their land. In addition to historical ruins, Rachol is also home to the monumental Seminary, which is a reminder of Goa's colonial past. It was built in 1579 during the Portuguese era and still operates today. Its magnificent architecture reflects a blend of Indian and Portuguese influences.

Within a short distance lies the village of Shiroda, which was left untouched by the Portuguese during the colonial era. Traveling from Rachol to Shiroda requires taking a ferry, which is a very pleasant experience and will give you a Goan vibe. One of the major highlights of this location is the temple which is dedicated to the Goddess Kamakshi Devi. The temple itself is an architectural marvel with each corner having to tell you a unique story, expressing visitors with its rich cultural heritage preserved.

Exploring these villages isn't just about sightseeing; but it's also about immersing yourself in authentic Goan experiences. Take on this journey through Rachol and Shiroda village for an unforgettable glimpse into Goa's lesser-known treasures. From the stunning villages like Rachol to hidden gems like Shiroda's local temple, every corner has something unique to offer.

4 Hours Available on request

What is included in the tour

  • Guided Trail
  • Breakfast & Tea
  • Travelling Goodies
  • Seminary Visit
  • Ferry Ride
  • Temple Visit
  • Local Goan Home for Snacks

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Transport
  • Bottled Water
  • Personal Expenses & Medication
  • Extra Portions Beyond the Inclusion Size
What makes this tour special
  • Explore Two Different Sides of Goa - the stunning villages of Rachol & Shiroda
  • Stunning Indo Portuguese Architecture
  • Majestic Gateway to a Lost Fortress
  • Discover Asia's Largest Seminary - Uncovering a Treasure Trove of Secrets
  • Ferry Ride Experience
  • Visit the gems of Shiroda - a Local Temple Steeped in Stories & Legends
  • A Locals Home for Authentic Goan Snacks

Please Note, this is a 4 hr journey to discover Rachol & Shiroda in South Goa. Our journey will begin at 8.30am and you will require your own transportation during the journey.

-       We will start our trip with a good refreshment which is included in the package. As soon as we finish breakfast, we will proceed to explore the Rachol fort gate, the beginning of our sightseeing tour.

-       We will then visit the historic Seminary that stands as a testament to Goa's rich Portuguese heritage. From our experienced tour guides, you will learn the ancient myths and facts about this ancient seminary.

-       Our next stop is the Our Lady of Snows Church, which is also known as the Raia Church. In addition to being the first church built by the Portuguese, this church has a long and fascinating history to discover.

-       Our next stop is the Rachol Bridge, which is the best and most popular photography point for people who love taking pictures. These ferry point moments captured will last a lifetime.

-       In addition to Rachol Ferry Point, which has its beauty on one side and was ruled by the Portuguese, we will also explore Shiroda, which was untouched by the Portuguese. On this ferry ride from one shore to another, you will be able to experience Goa at its best.

-       On arrival at Shiroda, we will enjoy a welcome drink before visiting the most beautiful and famous Hindu temple in the South, Kamakshi Temple. As far as architecture and surroundings are concerned, this temple is very unique. The place is always crowded with devotees seeking blessings from Kamashi Devi.

As a finale to the tour, we will have special Goan snacks that you will not find in any other city.