Traveler’s Responsibility:

Goa Trip Planner aims to ensure that each traveler or tour member enjoys a relaxing and carefree vacation. However, each tour member has accountability towards their own safety and the safety of the others in the tour group. During any point of the tour, if an authorized company personnel is of the opinion that an individual(s) actions can be of harm of any nature to the tour group members or to the Company staff; or expose them to unnecessary risks or danger; or is unfit to travel; or could damage property; the company holds the exclusive right to immediately terminate the contract or end the tour for that tour member. In such an unfortunate instance, the Company would be forced to limit the use of booked accommodation, transport arrangements and other tour related facility by the tour member and their traveling party.  Moreover, in such circumstances, the Company is not liable to reimburse or refund or compensate any costs incurred by the tour member. However, in certain circumstances, the tour member and their party may be allowed to resume the tour, based on the discretion of the authorized Company personnel. However, in such a scenario, the tour member might be imposed with additional carriage terms, a failure to comply with which, will definitely result in terminating of the tour.

Moreover, in addition to individual and group safety, each tour member is also responsible for the property occupied by them.  The company does not hold any responsibility for any damage in the condition of the property due to any accident resulting from irresponsible behavior or of any injury relating from such a behavior.

For a Complaint:

Goa Trip Planner strives singularly to provide the best possible tour. However, in case a traveler is not satisfied with the services offered, it is recommended that immediately, a complaint is brought forward to the relevant Company personnel. For instance, transport supplier or the accommodation manager. In case, the complaint is not resolved, the trip leader must be immediately informed to reach a reasonable satisfactory resolution. Alternatively, in case the tour does not have a trip leader or the issue is still not satisfactorily resolved, the traveler can reach the Company management at the given phone number and/or Email ID. Please note, that once the tour ends, no refund requests or complaints would be entertained in the same regard.