Cancellation By Traveler:

To cancel a tour, a WRITTEN cancellation notice is to be provided by the ‘Lead Name’ through email or request letter at the office. Goa Trip Planner shall deduct the applicable cancellation charges from the amount deposited against tour confirmation and refund the due amount after deduction. Cancellation charges are detailed as following:

  • More than 3 days prior cancellation notice – 15%
  • 3 days prior cancellation notice – 25%
  • 2 days prior cancellation notice – 50%
  • 1 day prior cancellation notice / Same day cancellation – 100%

For credit/debit card cancellation – additional 5% cancellation fee is applicable.


  • It is MANDATORY to present an ORIGINAL receipt for a refund.
  • ONLY for bookings made by cash/cheque/bank transfers, booking amount can be refunded through cheque
  • For website bookings, the processing of online refunds usually takes 3 to 5 WORKING days.
  • For credit/debit card bookings ONLY credit/debit card online refunds shall be made.

For credit/debit card cancellation – additional 5% cancellation fee is applicable.

Changes Made By Goa Trip Planner Before Travel:

Goa Trip Planner, to account for unexpected developments and conditions, reserves the exclusive right to alter or change the Tour Program. Any such change in the tour program shall be communicated and informed to the travelers, before the departure. Moreover, Goa Trip Planner shall try in all possibility to offer the travelers an alternative tour of equivalent or similar nature, quality and price at no additional cost. Also, a less expensive tour may also be offered, in similar circumstances, in which Goa Trip Planner shall refund the price difference of the tour costs to the travelers. Alternatively, the travelers can also choose to select a different tour on sale by Goa Trip Planner and pay or accept a refund of the price difference, if any.  The traveler can also choose to cancel the tour and on deduction of amendment charges (Rs 5,000/-), they shall receive a full refund of paid tour booking deposits.

Goa Trip Planner shall compensate for canceled tours (as applicable), except for the circumstances beyond control that may result in a change in a tour (described in detail in next section).

Following is the compensation plan for travelers against tour changes made by Goa Trip Planner

  • ONLY Deposits – for tour changes 12 days to the departure date.
  • 100% tour cost – for tour changes 7 days prior to the departure date.
  • 100% tour cost + 1.25% of tour cost – for tour changes 4 days prior to the departure date.

100% tour cost + 3.50% of tour cost – for tour changes 2 days prior to the departure date.

Goa Trip Planner states  that for ‘circumstances beyond the control’ of the company, which may have resultant effect on the tour, it is unable to accept any responsibility, pay compensation, cover losses of any amount or reimburse any expenses undertaken by the traveler towards a booked tour, including any damages or losses incurred by the traveler of any description . The resultant effect may include, change in tour booking or inability to supply the tour. Herein, ‘circumstances beyond control’, include largely an unexpected, unforeseeable and unavoidable event despite Goa Trip Planner taking every reasonable care. War threat, war, epidemic, terrorist activity, airport closures, natural or nuclear disaster, industrial dispute, civil unrest, bad weather and calamities of similar nature and magnitude would qualify as such circumstances.