Saligao Passai Walking trip - is the best tour you can take to unwind the thoughts by making you explore Goa’s rich cultural heritage and stunning natural surroundings that promises to unveil the true essence of Goa. From stunning churches to scenic landscapes, picturesque lanes to mouthwatering snacks, there is something for everyone along this enchanting path we take.

Our journey itinerary wanders across beautiful fields, providing breath-taking views at each turn. Saligao's charming and lovely pathways appeal with their natural beauty. Here, you can discover Indo-Portuguese homes that are painted in striking shades and original designs. Each home has a unique tale to tell and provides a window into Goa's lengthy past.

Getting to visit the distinctive churches that adorn Saligao's landscape is one of the most pleasures of this trip. One of these is the Gothic Me De Deus Church, an architectural work that merges the Portuguese and the Indian elements. Visiting this church will transport you back to the days when Goa was governed by the Portuguese. There is a peaceful environment surrounding the altar where you can sit quietly and enjoy the intricate details.

Our journey will continue as we pass two significant landmarks - Baandh and Rakhandar's Stone. Rakhandar's Stone holds a special place in the hearts of the locals of Saligao, while the Baandh serves as an irrigation reservoir. You will discover more about these 2 places from the locals as well from experienced tour guides.

The trail offers a variety of new and exciting experiences, from exploring distinctive churches to seeing natural wonders like Baandh & Rakhandar's Stone. There is something unique to behold at every step along the way. Saligao's picturesque lanes will immerse you in a delightful fusion of history and culture, making this journey all the more fascinating.

Kindly take note that this is a walking trail commencing at 4 pm from Saligao Church. The total distance to be covered is approximately 1.5 kilometers.

2 Hours 30 Minutes Available on request

What is included in the tour

  • Guided Tour
  • All entry fees and Permissions
  • Snacks 
  • Traveling Goodies
  • Taxes

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Meals not mentioned.
  • Bottled Water
  • Insurance 
  • Transport
What makes this tour special
  • One of the Most Unique Churches of Goa: The Gothic Mãe De Deus Church
  • Scenic Baandh
  • Rakhandar's Stone
  • Picturesque Lanes of Saligao
  • Indo Portuguese Houses Rich in Architecture
  • Authentic Tea & Snacks

Mae De Deus Church - We will visit the Mae De Deus Church, which holds a significant place in Goa's history. The landmark has stood the test of time, retaining its grandeur for centuries, not just as a place of worship but as an important historical landmark.

Scenic Baandh - The next stop on our trip is to visit a Baandh, a centuries-old irrigation system common in Goa. With lush greenery all around, you will be delighted to explore such a beautiful environment.

Rakhandar Stone - Next, you'll discover Rakhandar's Stone, a popular landmark that has an interesting story behind it.

Picturesque Lanes of Saligao - We will walk along Saligao's picturesque lanes that will provide us with a glimpse of Indo Portuguese architecture and reminds us of colonial history.

Tea and Snacks - Take a break at a local tea stall where you can savor mouthwatering treats. These famous local culinary delights from Goan cuisine are sure to delight you.